10 April 2013

Stencil work on wall below window in my room.

The ingredients: good British tea, a gallon-sized canister, and a SCOBY!

The SCOBY in its slimy glory


Ready to brew!

Brewing kombuchaaa. I got my SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast!) from a nice lady on the internet named Hannah (at Kombucha Kamp), brewed up some tea & popped it in. Currently experimenting with flavors. Just brewed some gooseberry kombucha, am currently brewing ginger in one canister & anis in a second.

Getting my collage on. Is it Demeter? Also, my only remaining paints for this were: Purple, white, yellow, purple, bronze (bronze? who owns bronze? I maybe thought it was just brown when I bought it), purple, black, purple.

Have just purchased more paints. Color schemes may broaden (shock horror).